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Plays: Guitar

Bob's first musical activities were as a drummer, from age 9 - 13. At age 14, he discovered an old ukelele and learned how to play it. Upon discovering that the last 4 strings of a guitar were tuned the same as a ukelele, Bob then went about acquiring a guitar.

From about 1956-1960, Bob was active playing popular tunes of the day, from country/western tunes to Elvis Presley rock tunes. By 1959, he was performing with his brother in a rock band. They were active in playing in a number of prominent clubs in the area.

Upon joining the military service in 1961 and while he was stationed in NJ, Bob would play pick-up gigs locally while home on pass. It was at this time he became interested in Jazz. While in Germany, he started collecting jazz records by Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, Kenny Burrell, John Coltrane and Jim Hall.
Bob spent time listening and learning from these recordings.

After his discharge from the service, he continued to study jazz, and eventually took lessons from guitarist Harry Leahy. Bob resumed playing publicly and eventually joined a big band. Seeking a greater challange, Bob and several members formed the Vegas East Big Band in 1978. A few years of inactivity followed while Bob raised his family. In 1995, Bob joined another big band, but dissatisfied with their level of musicianship, he quit after a few years.

In 2006, Bob became involved with the "Jazz Groove on A Sunday Afternoon" Jam Sessions hosted by the Somerset Jazz Consortium at Red Tower III restaurant in Somerville, NJ. Jim Jasion, the leader of the sessions, shortly thereafter invited Bob to become house guitarist and Bob has held this position ever since.

Bob has a great deal of musical knowledge and insight to share and he's very forthcoming with this. As a result, the new generation of players who come to the jam sessions flock to him for guidance.

To Contact Bob:

Tel: 732-752-7123 (Home)
Tel: 732-986-2685 (Cell)