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... My husband (Coleman Mellett) and I thought the jam session was great - what was especially wonderful was seeing the multi - generations up on the stage! (smile!)

... I'm sure we'll drop in again on another Sunday - Congrats to you on
your work to have a great thing going!

 Jeannie Bryson - Nov. 19, 2007

My time with the Somerset Jazz Consortium was invaluable to my development as a human being.  At a pivotal time during my teenage years, while I was sorting out what I most liked to do, Jim Jasion provided an environment for me to feel comfortable and capable in playing music.  I had always enjoyed playing music but it was more of a bedroom thing for me.  I may have still tried to do music but it may have taken much longer by myself.  I am currently in my senior year at the University of The Arts in Philadelphia as a jazz guitar major, leading my own trio and a rock band.
I've composed music for film, and have recently done my own modern classical piece for a guitar quartet and I probably would not have been able to do something like this without that kind of support.  Im just about done being formally educated now and I owe a lot of that to Jim and the Consortium.

Alan Ens - October 23, 2008


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