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Since we started this network, a number of our members and participants have moved out of the Central Jersey area.
Here's where they are now:

Alan Ens:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Our house guitarist from our the 2nd year in existance during its Red Tower III epoch, has just graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where he was a jazz and guitar major.  Alan lives close to Center City, in the artists' district and is playing his original compositions with his band, The Tongue Schulptors.  Alan is also a member of a jazz group called, Whitmer & Whitmer, again, playing original compositions of Post-Bop jazz.  Finally, he's also in the process of forming his own jazz combo, Tiny Drama, consisting of trumpet, guitar, banjo and trombone. 
Alan is close enough to NJ that we still get to hear him on our bandstand from time to time.

Andrew Lohse:  New Hampshire / Vermont

Andrew was a valued member of the Somerset Jazz Consortium from 2007 - 2008, being a very reliable and responsible 'go-to' man for gigs and jam sessions.  Towards the end of his time as a regular, he also started drumming in a jazz setting.  During his time in NJ, he was also the drummer for the Rock ensemble 'The Horizontals.'

Andrew attended Dartmouth in Hanover, NH, and has now shifted his focus to honing his already formidable writing skills to become the next F. Scott Fitzgerald of the up-and-coming generation. 

Cheers, Andrew!

Evan Montgomery:  Wisconsin(?)


Evan is a graduating of Lawrence University, Appleton, WI.  He currently resides in Minneapolis and is now certified as a luthier.  For those of you not familiar with the term, a luthier not only repairs guitars but also builds them.
To see what Evan is currently up to, you can Click Here for his website.

Tom Pylant:  Florida


Tom is happily settled in Cape Canaveral, Florida where he says the music scene is very active.  He's gotten his bass back out and is playing bi-weekly with a rock and funk band at a megachurch located in Viera, FL.  Tom is currently looking to hook up into the local jazz scene as of last report.

Steve Ryden:  Bluffton, South Carolina


Steve loves it down in South Carolina.  He's playing in 5 bands 6-8 times a month in gigs that very pay well.  He says that the Hilton Head area is a musical hotbed, particularly during the season.  One of the bands he plays in is a duo that plays standards and pop tunes in restaurants mostly.  The second band is a jazz quartet playing a mix of standards from the Real Book and a more contemporary funky smooth repertoire.  He also plays in a 6-piece Rhythm & Blues band as well as an 8-piece swing band.  In the community band, Steve plays a variety of reed instruments doing anything from Classical to Broadway show tunes.
Steve is still doing his professional human-resource/career coaching and management development. And... he and Louise should see their house completed by August.

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